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Fa-la-la Liday
December 27, 2014.

If you ask me "what the best thing about this month?" I definitely say, Bontang. Because finally I get chance to visit my hometown for two weeks. It means, I will celebrate new years eve with my family. Yeay! so happy like I've been dreaming about this for 3 years and now here I am celebrate new years eve in Bontang with my family hahaha!

For y'all my blogger friends,


June 27, 2014.

Sometimes, I'm a little rude, but just sometimes
Sometimes, I guess I can be creative, but just sometimes
Sometimes, I feel on top of the world, but only sometimes
Sometimes, my life is spiraling out of control, but really, sometimes
Sometimes, my heart, I swear stops beating, but then again, sometimes
Sometimes, my heart is so full it could hurt, but just sometimes
Sometimes, I feel like I've got it under control, but only sometime...


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